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Today I have a heavy heart.

I feel a loss. I want to connect with people. I don't feel understood. I don't feel others are being understood. I hear a lot of fear. I hear a lot of anger. I wish for a world with less fear. We all have different perspectives. Our experiences are what make us sure in our hearts about what we believe to be true. Something can be my truth and not the truth for another person. This doesn't mean they are "self centered" or I am "ignorant". It means different things created vulnerabilities and fear within us. It means we had to learn different things to survive our past circumstances.

I respect and have room for my friends to have a different perspective than mine. I think most of you may agree with me when I say that right now, this very moment is an uncertain time. Right now, for this very moment I can promise myself with all my heart that I will have empathy and room for other people's beliefs; if I know there is no hatred, violence, or intent to hurt I can. I can ask myself to move forward with integrity in all that I do. I'm sorry for your fears my friends. I can hold understanding for you. I hope you can hold understanding for me and for each other. We have all walked a different road. I wish for a happy and safe world for my son and for everyone! Today if you were to do one thing; imagine if you could find connection with someone who holds a view different than yours. I bet this way we could get closer to where we want to be.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" ~ Helen Keller

"Truly being together allows room for our differences" ~ Tresa Gibson


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