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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Mine is loving, all inclusive, and does not make things black or white! There is ALWAYS grey! During this show many things popped up around presentation, verbiage, imagery, and beliefs. I believe it is my job as an artist to convey how I view the world. Creating pieces that are a commentary on the state of the human condition is a part of recording history and inviting others to cogitate our state of being. I am proud to make that mark! People do NOT have to agree with me! I LOVE clients who question and challenge me. What I LOVE even more is that we are FREE to do that in our country. If we suddenly can not use certain words that are in our dictionary because they have been used with hate we are limiting our language. If we can not use communication to connect we will be LESS human. The one thing I write about most often here is my deep desire to connect! Words and imagery help us to do that. I BELIEVE ALL YOU peeps here are GOOD people! It is ok to say how you feel and we can be friends even if I feel differently. My experiences have lead me here, and yours to where you are. There are many things that trigger heartbreak, pain, and trauma in me and many others! This doesn’t mean I can control OTHERS and what they do or say! The thing that is important is that we are FREE TO SAY IT and can still hold space for each other. The way to grow from trauma is to NOT BE LEFT ALONE IN IT. that’s where the listening comes in, the holding space. STOPPING LOVE, LIFE, CELEBRATION, COMMUNICATION AND EXPRESSION is NOT going to help other people’s pain and trauma diminish. Let’s fill the world with joy and be true to who we are! No walking on eggshells my friends! The way to recover from trauma is to let in the light! Cloaking ourselves in Shame brings more dark. People do not act out of love when they feel dark. I have room for traumatized people as I have experienced a large amount myself. I am grateful to others who hold light so I can turn towards it! I will paint my light so OTHERS can turn towards it. THANK YOU for the connecting my friends! We CAN feel happy TODAY! I LOVE YOU!


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