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Studio space is almost done!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Speechless. Studio space is almost done. Creation is one of the most beautiful things about being human. Let’s always create space to explore new ideas, new art, new literature. Every day right now I challenge myself to really explore walking in someone else’s shoes. Part of being human is connecting. I want to understand people. I want to feel empathy and love for my community. The biggest joy in my life is creating a space where I feel absolutely free to create and be open. Sometimes my work is well received and sometimes it is challenged! Questioning the world and why we respond to things the way we do is the very foundation of what makes us learn. I’m thankful that my life’s work is to learn and to hopefully provoke others to question the world as well! This is the journey I believe we are all connected in! Today I will explore a new idea I don’t fully understand. I will seek a place of common ground with others. Hope you can connect with others today, and LOVE yourself for where you are at!

Love ya!



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