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Something I've learned ...

I have learned; ALWAYS ask for what you are worth!

In jobs, projects, work, AND relationships! We are taught to "hope" that others will place a value on us of worthy or enough. NOT TRUE! the only way I can make a living as an artist is being honest with myself and my clients about the value of my creations. Because of this I can create promotions and events to celebrate and spread abundance into the community.

There have been times as a single mom I have only had 100 dollars in the bank and people approach me offering "exposure" by hoping to install my work in their space for free. I have walked from situations where clients will not pay the market value and not known how I was going to pay my mortgage. Vibrationally things turn around because I do not say "yes" when I am not being compensated.

ARTISTS NEED MONEY NOT EXPOSURE. It is through consistency with this I can then GIVE to my community and help others. PLEASE; take the leap, have the courage and insist on what you are worth! It makes the world a better place!


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