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LIVE at the Vehicles and Violins Gala

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

A few weeks ago I was painting LIVE at the Vehicles and Violins Gala. It was an honor to paint while members of The Calgary Philharmonic played and we helped to raise funds for the The Discovery House.

Today I woke up to an empty house I thought about how many AMAZING people I get to meet and interact with through my job. The tribe I have is big and abstract just like my work! There are many times my history and lack of immediate family have left me feeling quite isolated. Today I will think about all the amazing stories people have shared with me, their excitement and enthusiasm when I am creating, how so many of them are people I am proud and lucky to call my friends. Today I will think about how lucky I am to have met a wonderful man who treats me well. Domestic violence is a pattern. When we have been in a situation where we are taught that people who "love" us talk to us a certain way or cause us pain sometimes it takes a long time to unlearn those behaviors. In stressful situations it is hard to ask for help. Often people can not understand why we would stay and take part in the "dance" when this is simply what we have learned "love" is. If anyone keeps going back please don't turn your back on that person, he or she will leave when they truly feel strong enough, supported enough, and most importantly worthy enough for something better. I am continually posting a painting of the day during this time at a featured price so that people who are in a more fortunate situation can select a piece for their space and I can send a donation to @discovery_house I am doing this because at a time like this being with someone that you do that unhealthy "dance" with could be an extremely painful and scary experience.

Hope you find your piece / have your peace 🖼️



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